1. Turn TDI's High-Capacity PUSH Carts into PULL Carts with these Optional Handles!

These optional handles allow users to easily pull carts through gravel, dirt, and other soft surfaces. They turn our multi-shelf carts into multi-shelf wagons.  And, even after the optional handles are attached, the carts are still nestable!

TDI T-Type Pull Handle.jpg

"T" Type Pull Handles

  • Connects to front wheel plate on all TDI Push carts
  • Handle will fold up and rest against the top shelf when not in use
  • Handle folds down onto bottom shelf for storage and nesting
  • Model #212427, 6.5lbs

"U" Type Pull Handles

  • Connects to the rear caster plates on TDI Large Frame and 3-Shelf Push Carts
  • Makes going through soft surfaces much easier
  • Rear casters can be switched with front swivel casters making the cart steel like a wagon
  • Model #212428, 8.5lbs


2. Extend the Life of Your Carts!

If the cart is working for you, it's likely going to get some wear and tear, especially on the handles and child seats. Don't worry, we offer replacement parts for these highly used areas so you can keep your carts looking new year after year.

Plastic Cart Handles

  • Easy to Replace!
  • 16.75"L Handle (Model #212400)
  • 13.75"L Handle (Model #212401)

Seat Belts for Carts

  • Child safety straps
  • Model #35330

Plastic Plates for Child Seats

  • For the Child Seat
  • Model #30134


3. Problems with carts locking up? 

Many garden centers have loose gravel or rock pathways which are not suitable for small-wheeled shopping carts. Invest in carts with 8" or 10" wheels and you solve the problem with gravel. But now you have a new problem - large wheel carts can lock up and get stuck when un-nesting. And the last thing you need is a disgruntled customer!


TDI's Solution!

All nestable shopping TDI carts with 8" or 10" wheels are now equipped with wheel guides to prevent lock-up. Guides are also available to retrofit late model TDI Carts.

  • New wheel guides assure TDI carts are truly nestable
  • Large wheel carts are easier to maneuver
  • Rock and gravel surfaces are no longer a problem
  • Works on all models with 8" or 10" wheels
  • Wheel guides are now standard on all 8" and 10" models (as shown on the All Terrain pictured)


4. Keep your carts moving with replacement wheels or update the size of your wheels!

TDI 6" Flat Proof Tire.jpg

6" Flat Proof Wheels

TDI 8" Flat Proof Tire.jpg

8" Flat Proof Wheels



TDI 8" Pneumatic Tire.jpg
TDI 8" Foam Tire.jpg

8" Pneumatic Wheels


8" Foam Wheels



TDI 10" Pneumatic Tire.jpg

10" Pneumatic Wheels

TDI 10" Foam Tire.jpg

10" Foam Wheels


All Carts are FOB Jasper, Indiana.

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