Welcome to the industry's LARGEST selection of shopping carts!

TDI Carts

When choosing a TDI Cart, you should give the matter some thought. This faithful servant will be around for many years to come!

No matter which TDI cart you choose, rest assured that each of them have been developed with a thoughtful design to best outfit your business environment. 

Powder-coated frames help ensure a long-lasting appearance. Wheels and casters have been adapted to suit every type of surface and weather condition, and they are not welded to the frame which means if they should wear out, they can easily be replaced. The plastic handles, baby seat flap, safety strap, and metal baskets are also replaceable, extending the life of your cart.

All TDI Carts can be nested together, whether the top shelf is up or down, making storage extremely easy and efficient. And our carts are suitable for any Garden Center, Nursery, Hardware Store, and more!

But most importantly, our large capacity and load surface shopping carts will help to maximize your profits. Invest in the best and buy the biggest…because when the cart is full, the shopping (and your profit) stops!


Select Your Style:

Standard Frame Carts

The Perfect Solution for Narrow Aisles! TDI's Standard Frame Carts are easy to maneuver, come with a child seat, and effortless glide through smaller spaces and narrow aisles. They are light in weight with a heavy-duty construction.

Large Frame Carts

It's Large and in Charge! Go with our Large Frame Cart with Long Upper Shelf to increase your average order size. Some customers have even experienced up to a 28% increase. Choose the Short Upper Shelf to better accommodate taller plants and shrubs. Either way, it's a winner!

Brake Carts

The Brakes are Always On! Our Brake Cart will never get away from your customers on slopes or hills. Simple to use, just press the handle down to release the brakes. And it works under the worst of conditions, including mud, water, and snow!

3-Shelf Carts

It's Truly One Of A Kind! Our 3-Shelf Cart is the only nest able 3-Shelf Cart in the industry! So not only do you increase sales with its enormous 16.64 sq. ft. of loading surface, you also save space by nesting the carts when they are not in use. Holding 13 flats, it's our largest cart and has proven results!

All Terrain Cart

Where will it Take You! It's the go anywhere, load anything, easy to maneuver, nestable All Terrain Cart. Large no-flat, foam wheels allow that cart to accommodate all types of terrain. It's perfect for businesses with rock or gravel pathways. And now with the optional top shelf, you have even more loading surface to help increase sales!


Seeing double! The Two Tier shopping cart is perfect for all size stores as a cart for quick trips or for smaller stores to easily fit through the narrow aisles.  The bottom basket features a lower front for easier loading and unloading.  An additional bonus shelf provides added space for a few extra items.


The Economy+ Cart. This E-Cart may look similar to some of the others on the market, but you may want to take a second look. With its effortless maneuvering, especially in narrow aisles, large rims to prevent pots from falling off, hooks for hanging baskets, basket and 500lbs load capacity, it's truly a cut above the rest.

35201 Two Tier Cart.jpg