Dill's Greenhouse

"Customers just kept loading flat, after flat, after flat!"

Jerry Dill of Dill's Greenhouse shared his experience with TDI Carts:

"The TDI 3-Shelf Cart has such a large loading capacity that each customer will buy more! Our cashiers can clearly see that the customers buy more by completely loading the three shelves. This cart is so versatile that in the middle of the season, we can easily make it a single or double shelf cart by taking out one of the shelves. We are so happy with the results that we will definitely purchase more of the TDI 3-Shelf Carts!"


TDI Carts - Lake Street Garden Center.jpg

Lake Street Garden Center

"The bigger your cart, the bigger your profit."

Timothy Wolfe of Lake Street Garden Center shared his experience with TDI Carts:

"The other day I saw two women shopping and using one of the new TDI 3-Shelf Carts we had recently purchased. The women had loaded the bottom shelf with some concrete products, and the top and middle shelves were full with plants as well.  The cart was so loaded it took both women to push it to the register! At first when I saw this I was concerned that the shelves might not handle all the weight. But they did! The value of the product on the cart that day as almost $1,000!"


TDI Trunk Liners - Weston Nurseries.jpg

Weston Nurseries

"It's an easy way to differentiate ourselves from the box stores."

Weston Nurseries shared their experience with TDI Trunk Liners:

"We've offered TDI Trunk Liners at Weston Nurseries for several years. In addition to being a great way to advertise our Garden Center, they show the customer we are taking the time to care about their plant material and their vehicles."

"The simple act of putting a liner in a customer's care is a huge customer service gain. The display stand makes them quick and easy to use."

"We ran price comparisons and found these liners to be the best value for the money. Ordering was easy and straightforward, especially with email approval of proofs. Being on the receiving end of good customer service is greatly appreciated, and shipments arrived when promised."


TDI Carts - Wilson's Garden Center.jpg


Wilson's Garden Center

"These carts increased our sales by 28%!"

Ned Wilson of Wilson's Garden Center shared his experience with TDI Carts:

"At Wilson's Garden Center in Newark, Ohio, we used UPC Tracking on every single TDI Cart to register every sale. The result was stunning! TDI Carts generated 28% more sales per cart compared to the other cart that we were using."